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We believe that a strong data management platform is critical to unleash the full power of infrastructure automation.
With OpsMill, we aim to make infrastructure more agile, robust, and well-documented, allowing in-house engineering teams to focus on their craft and automation without worrying about the maintenance and upkeep of the automation infrastructure. Our unique approach to infrastructure automation combines the best features of version control and a network source of truth into a schema- driven database that is easily extensible and supports all the concepts of version control.


Be Fearless/Be Bold

We fearlessly challenge the status quo and pave our own path.

Be Curious, Always be learning

Growth happens outside of our comfort zone.


We always keep the user at the forefront of our minds, understanding their needs and perspectives.

Embrace Our Growth Opportunities

Our mistakes are opportunities to learn, innovate and improve, proving that we are constantly pushing ourselves forward.


Join our team at OpsMill, and embark on a journey that spans from Sweden to Washington State, collaborating with a diverse group of experts who have left their mark on networking giants like Juniper, Cisco, and F5. Our experience encompasses service providers, systems integrators, major enterprises, and innovative startups. At OpsMill, our commitment goes beyond the excitement of tackling complex challenges; it's about being part of a community united by shared principles and the passion to build something extraordinary.
Damien Garros
Co-founder, CEO & CTO
Damien Garros has a deep understanding of network teams' challenges and a has worked for years to develop solutions that address these issues specializing in infrastructure automation platforms with a focus on data management, particularly in Source of Truth and Telemetry. His has made significant contributions to numerous open-source projects. He was also responsible in steering the direction of Network to Code, a key player in network and infrastructure automation, resulted in the development of a major open-source project currently employed by over 15,000 IT companies.
Raphael Maunier
Co-founder & COO
Raphael's extensive background in the telecommunications industry, dates back to 1998 and , includes co-founding Acorus Networks, leading it through a significant merger with Volterra, and ultimately achieving a successful $500M sale to F5 Inc. As CTO at both NeoTelecoms and F5, he expanded network infrastructure across multiple countries and lead a top IP provider in France. As the founder of FranceIX, one of the world's top 10 IXPs, and the head of Zoreole Services, where he advised leading firms on network and security strategies.
Bilal Abbad
Frontend Dev
On a mission to make Infrahub fast and cool so you'll love using it. Also, I'm a big fan of retrogaming, photography, board games, creamy ristretto, and pain au chocolat.
Fatih Acar
Not that serious otter
Perry Greenwood
Product Manager
Perry Greenwood is Director of product at Opsmill. Previously he has worked at BackBox as Principal Product Manager where he led the charge on Go-To-Market with focus on ease of adoption.Prior to BackBox Perry spent 5 years at Cisco working across NSO, ISE, DNAC where he developed cloud strategies and built products in the network automation space.
Alex Henthorn-Iwane
Alex is a first-time marketing otter, but not a first-time marketer. Alex has helped build many startups, served as a marketing leader in companies like ThousandEyes, Kentik, and PacketFabric, and contributed to more than $1B in startup exits. Alex grew up in Hawaii, lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is a lover of music, wine, art, and history.
Guillaume Mazoyer
Backend Dev
Guillaume has spent over a decade in the network and telecom sector, working as an engineer for service providers. He's passionate about automating networks and enjoys contributing to open-source projects to drive innovation in the industry.
Aaron McCarty
Backend Dev
Aaron lives in the Pacific Northwest making him the westernmost member of the team by at least two time zones. These are some things he enjoys in no particular order: hanging out with his dogs, reading history and science fiction, growing food and eating it, playing physical and digital games.
John Partee
AI / Backend Dev
John is our resident machine learning expert, with a masters in data science, 8 years of network engineering experience, and recent work in large language models and cloud deployments. John's focus is using LLMs to enhance the Infrahub experience, and reduce the time to value with automated onboarding.
Paul Leménager
Frontend Dev
Previously a fullstack engineer, I'm currently focusing on the frontend of the application. Passionate about JavaScript, I love creating new applications and tools. Being part of the team from the beginning of the adventure was a great opportunity to build everything from scratch.
Pete Crocker
Director of Solution Architecture
Cat herder 🐈 @ OpsMill.
In the enigmatic land of the 🇬🇧, where tea flows like water and the ☀️ is as unpredictable as flipping a coin, Pete thrives in the realm of network automation. With experience that spans over years (or centuries in IT time), Pete has seen it all: from the ancient ritual of rebooting routers at dawn to the modern sorcery of cloud networking. He speaks Ansible, YAML, and writes embarrassing Python code, with a mixed US/UK accent that makes even the most complex network issues sound like an intriguing mystery to be solved. When he's not busy being a digital Merlin, Pete can be found in the air 🪂 or under the water 🤿 doing some crazy adventure sport.
Patrick Ogenstad
Backend Dev
Since 2004, Patrick has been an active contributor to the open-source community, developing tools that streamline operations within the networking industry. Raised amidst the complexities of network infrastructure, his focus has always been on automation—crafting solutions that make working with infrastructure more intuitive. Beyond his contributions to code, Patrick has enriched the tech community with insightful articles and has been a guiding force for numerous colleagues and online acquaintances, helping them embark on their own journeys in development and automation. Currently, at OpsMill, Patrick dedicates his expertise to the advancement of backend components for our product line.
Muriel Randrianjafy
Art Director
Muriel is our Art Director (AD), she designs all the visuals for OpsMill.
Previously, she worked in the children's publishing industry as an illustrator and designed the flagship activity models for Pandacraft Makers magazine. She supported communication agencies in various advertising campaign projects as AD. Furthermore she has also collaborated with SMES in the design of visual identity, packaging, souvenir products but also children's toys throughout Europe.
Today, she ensures that she designs a unique identity for OpsMill by using various artistic techniques. Her experience in the field of illustration and graphic design will bring new dimensions to OpsMill.
Her favorite color is green and she loves Japanese stationery. She shares on Instagram @mioustrator her greatest passion which is her job. If you want to discover the backstage of an AD don’t hesitate to visit her.
Maxime Tardy
Operation Manager
I see my role leading operations at OpsMill as a facilitator. Just as network infrastructure is the backbone of all modern day organizations, I am here to ensure that all administrative functions enable our team to disrupt the current market with next generation infrastructure automation.
Wim Van Deun
Senior Solution Engineer
(n: Wim)-[r: automate]->(m: all_the_things)
Benoit Kohler
Senior Solution Engineer
Benoit is the go-to geek for all things network and data center. He traded Parisian baguettes for Amsterdam canals.
Consider him the automation wizard with a magic wand!
Before this, he cut his teeth at Veepee, where he was the network guru, and had a stint at Cloud-Temple as the digital problem-slayer. Last but not least, because sharing is caring, especially in the techie universe, he created his consulting company to help others in their network automation endeavors.
Off-screen, he's an adventure junkie with a penchant for backpacking and conquering mountains, but who loves a good book and yoga as well.
Want to chat tech or swap adventure tales? Hit him up on Twitter @bearchitek.
Charlys Menuet
Senior UX Ninja
Bringing simplicity to complexity.
Charlys is a Senior UX ninja with a passion for creating intuitive and user-friendly experiences. With a background in design, strategy, and user experience, he has a knack for taking complex subjects and making them simple to understand.

He is a self-proclaimed polymath with a wide range of interests, from martial arts and chess to tabletop role-playing games (Stormbringer, Mascarede and DnD). He's also a regular participant in hackathons, where he enjoys putting his hacking and project management skills to the test.

Charlys joined Opsmill because he was drawn to the company's "team of the dead" (Genius Team) and its "project of the dead" (Genius project). He's excited to be a part of a team that is passionate about creating innovative solutions to complex problems.